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I believe virtually all the “VETS” will be worried about the Lawful children …and Older people… Within this Country who're scared of remaining blown up inside their schools….currently being beheaded around the streets, shot and killed as they show up at activities, shop with the malls…shall I keep on!!

Is it possible to picture a specifically Christian pledge or perhaps a specifically Jewish pledge being applauded by everyone within the U.S.?

You might have just proven that that you are speaking out of pure ignorance. You might be ignorant of both of those islam and Christianity.

You might be Silly liar, scrambling desperately to keep people from looking at what reveals you as a Ill hypocrite of no education or intelligence.

Your remark goes to point out how Silly persons might be. It is the pretty sort of contemplating we don’t need to have in America. Circumcision and the mutilation of the younger females vagina is a very Unwell and twisted soul.

The United States contains a obligation to defend its European heritage. The muslims as well as the illegal hispanics haven't any small business wanting to remake the United States during the image from the sewers that they arrived from.

No require, stand down. The armed service Must investigate this danger to dedicate mutiny and treason and offer with any and all who have done Recommended Reading so.

Trump and Other individuals would throw out the Constitution, the Monthly bill of rights as well as supreme courtroom if they might and rule by decree. It is the responsibility of all Americans to safeguard America from These that would violate these documents as well as the court.

That would be mutiny.Not surprisingly any soldier,sailor or marine who engages inside a mutiny,ought to be immediately set to Demise.

Rages that anti-American vets columbus ga totalitarian who doesn’t understand that spiritual bigotry is not promoted with the Structure.

Occur on. Present me a teaching of Christ that can justify killing of non Christians like how the teachings of muhammad can justify killing of non muslims.

Jose I’ve explained to you. I AM peaceful. But have a look at what’s currently being posted by People “peace enthusiasts”.

I however get reviews about my Puerto Rican spouse. I’ve heard men and women muttering driving our back again concerning the white dude and also the Mexican. I’ve even confronted 1 or 2 and explained that in 1967-68 I put a handful of Puerto Rican draftees in body baggage and sent them back again home.

I'm a Marine Corps Veteran and I'm able to only say this, each one of these young Adult men and girl fleeing the middle east, turning up on overseas shores around the globe with significant grins on their faces anticipating the US men and lady to go battle to take their vets dallas country again for them, to die for them though they sit in the comfort of An additional region irrespective of whether it's the US or Yet another state can kissmyass.

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